Human-computer interaction (HCI)

import pyautogui
import time

# Give a moment (half a second) to bring up the application window if needed.

# If on a mac OSX machine, use command key instead of ctrl.
hotkey = 'command' if 'mac' in pyautogui.platform.platform() else 'ctrl'

# Open a new tab using a shortcut key.
pyautogui.hotkey(hotkey, 't')

# Give time for the browser to open the tab and be ready for user (typing) input.

# Now type a url at a speedy 100 words per minute!
pyautogui.write('', 0.01)

# Bring 'focus' to the URL bar (shortcut key may vary depending on your browser).
pyautogui.hotkey(hotkey, 'l')

# Press enter to load the page.'enter')


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