Code Reviews

Questions to Ask Yourself When Conducting a Code Review

  • Is the code clean and modular?
    • Can I understand the code easily?
    • Does it use meaningful names and whitespace?
    • Is there duplicated code?
    • Can you provide another layer of abstraction?
    • Is each function and module necessary?
    • Is each function or module too long?
  • Is the code efficient?
    • Are there loops or other steps we can vectorize?
    • Can we use better data structures to optimize any steps?
    • Can we shorten the number of calculations needed for any steps?
    • Can we use generators or multiprocessing to optimize any steps?
  • Is documentation effective?
    • Are in-line comments concise and meaningful?
    • Is there complex code that’s missing documentation?
    • Do function use effective docstrings?
    • Is the necessary project documentation provided?
  • Is the code well tested?
    • Does the code have high test coverage?
    • Do tests check for interesting cases?
    • Are the tests readable?
    • Can the tests be made more efficient?
  • Is the logging effective?
    • Are log messages clear, concise, and professional?
    • Do they include all relevant and useful information?
    • Do they use the appropriate logging level?